solidworks2004 specs?

Hi there, Got a present of a solidworks 2004 cd recently and would like buy a suitable pc for it. Could anyone advise me as to what environment is best for this program?

On the official sw2005 website the following system requirements are mentioned:

- Microsoft Windows XP professional or Windows 2000 recommended

- Intel pentium - or AMD Athion - class processor

- 128 MB RAM or greater (512 mb to 1gb or greater recommended for assemblies exceeding 1000 parts

- Pointing device

- CD-ROM drive

- Microsoft Office XP or Microsoft Office 2000

- Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later recommended

Is this really all that is needed - or could these specs. be a bit on the low end? Who can tell me from experience? Thanks in advance, Carlos.

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You say you got a gift. Did whoever gave it to you make sure the license transfered? If not it was in violation of the EULA and you won't be able to get support from SW.

As far as your question goes there are plenty of posts on this newsgroup if you just do a search.

And regarding the last two items on your list, you don't need office, just Excel. An earlier version may work. You don't need IE6 at all unless you are using eDrawings.

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Dear TOP Thanks for that. It is enlightening. I did manage to install SW on a pc

- but this has probably nothing to do with licence. What is EULA?(excuse my ignorance) Carlos.

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When you installed SW you should have seen it when you first started SW.

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