Multiple users on a single model/assembly

If you have an office with say 2 to 3 operators, and in SW's, would they be able to work on the same assembly / model file and would it only be part files where they can not work simultaneously, ie open only in read only mode. I have heard that Solid Edge has a capability where more than one user can work on a model, they call it concurrent design, is this the same for SW's?.

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Beware salesmen weilding buzz words.

Only one person can have write access to any document at any one time. So if person A has write access to the assembly, person B has read only access to it. It is possible to change access while you're working, but there are limitations to that, mostly to do with the operating system. The same is true of parts, assemblies and drawings.

SolidWorks has some "collaboration" options which notify you when parts you have open read only have been changed by other users and will allow you to reload the newer versions. You can also request write access.

If you're doing a lot of this you might consider a PDM product.


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