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I know this must have been asked before...sorry for asking again..

We have multiple users using a single base file as an xref. One user is actually working in the base file and makes changes periodically. Normally, when the base drawing is saved, there is a small yellow notification bubble in the corner of the screen telling users who have a drawing open accessing that xref that the drawing has been updated.

In the case where a destination drawing is NOT open and is later opened, the xref'ed base drawing is automatically updated as part of the drawing loading, without notification.

What I am looking for is a way for the second user to know that a change has been made since their last opening of the drawing. The simplest answer is "User 1 opens his mouth and tells User 2 that the drawing was updated and where...etc.". Is there an AutoCAD method, in the stock program, in a thrid party free download or a 3rd party release that solves this?

Just curious....right now, we are on the 'yell across the room' method and it gets a little bothersome. Another method I thought of was using Instant Messenger between users so changes can be announced outside of Autocad and a brief list can be "posted" to each user



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I use rtext for my date and time plot stamp. If you want a do it yourself option, make a table in the drawing, insert something like this in the top row.

$(getvar, "dwgprefix")$(getvar, "dwgname")$(edtime, 0, MON DD"," YYYY - H:MMam/pm) $(getvar, "loginname")

then, when user1 updates the xref, copy the rtext entity down to the next open cell in the table, and explode the source. you will be keeping a running log for every one to see. when he saves there is a record that the file is updated for all to see.

then the real fun arguments can begin, and we know just exactly who to hang for what and when....

I just love causing trouble.

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