Xref, lisp question?

This is just a wild thought but,
Is there a lisp or program that´ll does the following (or is it possible to
create such a lisp):
When I attach xref file into a drawing and want to make a detailed drawing
of part of it I do the following:
I create a viewport in paperspace and zoom to the part I want to make the
drawing of. I turn off the layers (usually text) of the xref file and make
the drawing. When the drawing is finished I plot it. The other designers
usually want to have the cad file also...this is where it gets complicated.
I don´t want other designers to see all of the xref file. I usually bind it,
explode it and the trim the rest of the drawing away. It takes time to do
this + the layers have to been turned off again.
What I would like the program to do is this: When I have this detailed
drawing with xref I´d want to bind the xref drawing so that only the part
of the drawing that shows in the viewport is bound. So the program would
automatically erase the rest of the drawing. Am I daydreaming or is this
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Pekka P
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You can copy nested object(s) from your xref so that they become par of the drawing.
If you have everything on the same rotation, you can copy @ 0,0 fro
one drawing and paste to original coords in the other to get what yo need into the working drawing
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Thanks for the reply, I know I can do those things (which are a little bit quicker than my way..) but the actions still take time. What I need is a sort of lisp that erases everything in modelspace that?s outside the (selected) viewport and binds only the lines that are visible in the viewport into the drawing. Possible?
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Pekka P
A new question: is there a way to capture the view in paperspace into a dwg file? The scaling doesn´t matter.
thanks, Pekka
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Pekka P

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