Simple lisp file question

I have a lisp file I would like to load and run, but I have not done this
since R12, when it was simple. I'm using 2006 and am confused as to which
folder I should place the lisp file into so I can load it and then type it
into the command line to run it.
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John Webb
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Unless they've done something really stupid (I haven't seen 2006) you can put it wherever you want.
as of 2005:
APPLOAD used to load it for you on a sessional basis.For automatic loading you would have to modify the acaddoc.lsp file.
See your help on how to do that.
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Michael Bulatovich
Real easy: 1. Create folder called "LISP" (or Cream Cheese if you want, but it might be distracting) next to your Support Folder (look in Options) 2. Save all your custom lisp files in there. 3. Make sure you add the LISP folder in your ACAD search path (again, in Options) Now your files are accessible, but will need to be loaded prior to each first use, every session. Optional --> 4. In ACAD, type APPLOAD. You can put all your most-used favorite files in the Startup suite. This way, they get loaded every time you open a drawing. 5. You can create a dump lisp file that contains calls to every other function. Like this:
(DEFUN c:ligne_axecall () (LOAD "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Acadm 2006/Acadm/LISP/Ligne_axe.lsp" ) ;_ end of LOAD (c:ligne_axe) ) ;_ END defun
(DEFUN c:clefcall () (LOAD "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Acadm 2006/Acadm/LISP/clef.lsp" ) ;_ end of LOAD (c:clef) ) ;_ END DEFUN
(DEFUN c:cusextcall () (LOAD "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Acadm 2006/Acadm/LISP/cusext.lsp" ) ;_ end of LOAD (c:cusext) ) ;_ END DEFUN
(DEFUN c:drillpointcall () (LOAD "C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Acadm 2006/Acadm/LISP/dp.lsp" ) ;_ end of LOAD (c:dp) ) ;_ END DEFUN
and then create buttons/macros that call (for example) "c:ligne_axecall" or (OTOH) "c:cusextcall" or even (going on a limb here) "c:drillpointcall" Only 1 file is actually loaded upon opening, all the only others when needed, automatically.
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Dr Fleau
Thank you both for the help. It would have taken me a long time to glean this information from the help files. John
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John Webb

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