Lisp at startup???

About a week ago I was playing around trying to learn a little lisp and
wrote something to draw a rectangle which I was latter going to try to make
a 3D box. I must have use 3 setq expressions for the 2D corners and the
height and used "defun C:box".
Today I revisited the file and cut it down to :
(defun C:box (/ 1st)
(setq 1st (getpoint "\nFirst corner"))
; setq used for rubberband in second getpoint
(getpoint 1st "\nSecond corner")
However if I type "box" from the autocad command line I get asked for the
This must be from my previous attempt. Huh???
If I change "defun C:box" to "defun C:boxa" and load it then it runs fine
and just does the rectangle.
Where is the code that still has the height variable
Why does it load by itself (maybe I've forgotten what I did with it
How can I get rid of it?
I'm using 2005 on a standalone and have trid rebooting the computer and
restarting acad.
Many thanks if you can help.
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BOX is a native AutoCAD (3d) command.I would choose another name for your routine.
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Michael Bulatovich

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