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The following Lisp routine works fine, AS LONG AS I remember to set the text
style and text height before I run it.
How can I incorporate into the lisp routine 'STYLE' , with set parameters
(prompt "LOADing Z command...") ;will just load the function - to
;use, type its name like any other
;regular AutoCAD command
;*begin function definition
defun C:plZ () ;no ARGs in a 'C:function'
(setq te (getvar "TEXTEVAL")) ;save the state of TEXTEVAL
(setq cur_la (getvar "CLAYER")) ;and current LAYER name
command "setvar" "TEXTEVAL" 0 ;place values, not varnames 1 too 0
by jb
"layer" "m" "coords1" "" ;MAKE coords1 layer
(initget 16) ;make sure getpoint returns the Z
;value even if the system variable
;FLATLAND is set true (1)
(setq pt1 (getpoint "Get coords for what point? ")) ;get 1st point
(initget 16)
setq pt2 (getpoint "Location for coord text? ") ;get 2nd point
x (strcat "X " (rtos (car pt1))) ;convert real to string
y (strcat "Y " (rtos (cadr pt1))) ;and concatanate to
z (strcat(rtos (caddr pt1)) "m") ;names (X,Y & Z)
command "text" pt2 0 Z ;place the z text, with no rotation
"layer" "s" cur_la "" ;restore layer &
"setvar" "TEXTEVAL" te ;TEXTEVAL state
end function definition
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Julian Brotherton
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(command ".STYLE" "StyleNameHere" "" "0.0" "" "" "" "" "")
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