AutoCAD 2004 licensing questions (US versions)

Looks like we are being forced to upgrade to 2004 because 2000 will be not
be eligible to upgrade after Jan 15 2004. We have 54 seats of 2000, so
waiting would be a costly mistake.
1) AutoCAD is now locked to the PC by an encrypted license so no more extra
copy on the laptop to take home. Is this correct? (A few years back I was
told by an AutoCAD rep that this was okay as long as the two were not used
2) There is a licensing server option that distributes licenses to the
machines that request it. If all licenses are in use, no more can be
We have two major offices and several sites. I would need two license
servers and several fixed licenses. Is that allowed?
I'm concerned of the problems/conflicts with the AutoPLANT (an app that
run on top of Acad) license server. It uses Aladdin's technology, I think. I
hope it can coexist.
3) We would not be able to use 2004 immediately. We would have to sit on it
awhile until we can port all the other apps over to 2004. Is there a concern
in buying now and getting the licenses at a much later time (several
Thanks. bg
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