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How can I remove the license.dat file from my computer? I had an old trial version of Pro/E and now it is giving me trouble when I try and install Wildfire 3.0.

Thanks, Bashir

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This is a difficult question owing to a couple facts:

  • In all the times I've installed Pro/e, I've never seen a reference to a license.dat file
  • There is no reference on PTC's website to this file
  • The archives of this group do not refer to anything involving license.dat past
1999 (v.2000i)
  • Older versions, when uninstalled with PTCSetup, have all of their license information removed in the process; in fact, even if you just deleted the directory where this older version was installed, the license information should get deleted, as well, since it is generally stored locally in /text/licensing. If the directory of your trial software is still there, delete it and try installing WF3 again.
  • Newer versions, when installed IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTORY from the older version, don't care what older versions are installed, providing this is a local install. In fact, PTCSetup will create a new directory and not install over old installations. If there's a networked FlexLM license server involved, it could be a little more complicated but I don't think FlexLM would ever be involved in managing the license of a trial version anyway.

All this leads me to wonder where you got the diagnosis of your troubles? Who or what told you the problem was a license.dat file and how is it that a simple file search won't locate it?

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David Janes

Run ptcsetup.bat located in the \bin directory and check where the license.dat is located.

License.dat is used for a node locked license, (not using FlexLM)

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Just for information :

License.dat file is used even if you use or not a license server. There is two type of licenses : locked and floating (this last type need a flexlm server to be used).

If you use a locked license, it's located in the "licensing" directory of your ProE installation. In this case, run ptcsetup.bat (in "bin" directory) from ProE installation folder. When the setup ask for a license server, answer "locked license file" with your Wildfire 3.0 license.

If you use a floating license, it's located in the "licensing" directory of your Flexlm (or flexnet for Wildfire 3.0) installation. Run ptcsetup from the "bin" directory of your license server, and give it the path to your license.

In both cases, do not matter of the path where license file is stored because setup will copy it to the required directory.

A last information, if you want to use Wildfire 3.0, take care of the license version (27.0) and note that this license need a flexnet license server (provided with ProE Wildfire 3.0).

Licensing issues are common and PTC Technical Support can help you to solve your issue easily because they have a lot of experience in this king of problems.

Good Luck !

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No need for flexnet to run ver. 27.0 - lacked node is OK

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