Exporting Granite Data to Pro/ENGINEER

I'm working with Granite 3.0 to export Granite Data to Pro/ENGINEE
(using Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0)
In the Granite User Guide, it's wrotten we have to set the value o
configuration intf_in_open_granite_dot_g to Yes. This option doesn'
exist in Pro/Engineer Wildfire 2.0, there is only the optio
intf_in_granite_direct_enable, I suppose that it is the same one
When I open my Granite file, I have my features in my Model Tree. Bu
Pro/Engineer doesn't recognize these features as Datum Plane
Protusion, Intersections ... When I try to have the information
about the features created in my Granite Model, Pro/E indicates tha
it did not find their type
I tried to work with neutral files created with GPI model data save
as a Pro/E neutral file, to import a granite file in a opened model
but these solutions give me always only an imported feature. What
want is to have the list of the features in my Granite Data mode
with their reconized type, for after working with them..
I don't know if it's possible, and from which my problem comes : Pro/
or my Granite program ? Perhaps you have the answer
Thank you
Pierre-Henri GARCI
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I'll watch for additional answers as I don't know about how features translate via neutrals. Interesting if they will and hope to see some additional info.
is, apparently, supported in WF2 (it will accept the value) though I couldn't find any documentation. Probably if you check PTC's knowledge base, etc. (?)
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Jeff Howard

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