Junk Report log is generated


I followed the steps given the manul and created the opt file. I also made an entry for the report log and placed in the directory where my license file is stored. As iam using version 8 , i didnt edit the fourth field of my license file where the location of the opt file has to be given My report log is getting generated but its just a junk message. Can any one please help me out. Eg. the entries are like

# FLEXlm Report Log, 9 June, 2005 (13:32), "telelogic" on "in-vss-srv02" FLEXlm v8.0d Z5 2 3 C;;mm?>bE&UI $3)= oQQ\\M*2]AV pOO))]7U!~Z yvvMM.'9^L}X3@,!t rUU11[N!0S1z`!| i6]^GoxEs4kj+ iaa/f0!P+iiEMK}V[Q.@RT#2(

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