Creating Drawings from the generics' table

So I have a model with 400+ instances each a little different size
I create a drawing of the generic, dimension it up and save.
I need drawings of all, not a chart on the drawing with the
different values.
Now I can replace the model with a different instance and it's all
dim'ed up like the I save this under the instance
name.... and so on and so forth??
some of this can be mapkeyed... but not going to the next instance or
adding the new name of the drawing....least I haven't been able to...
&model_name doesn't pass to the save as name and the instance box you
have to click the name, so if you record you just get that name...
arrow keys don't work in the box..defaults to generic.
I did find toolkit app. to blow out the models from the table, but not
the drawings.
So is it the replace it again method or is there
another way ?? Someone know of a software out there?
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Have you heard of Pro/BATCH. It comes with every installation of Pro/e, but, to do this, it would probably need a list, generated from the generic, of all the instances you wanted to show and print. Then it would probably run your mapkey to print the drawings. Except for running it overnight, unattended, it's horribly inefficient because it doesn't stay "in session". Or, perhaps you can run it from 'Window>Open system window' (Or possibly include this in your mapkey?) There are also third party batching utilities commercially available for Pro/e work like this.
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David Janes
David, It looks to me that Pro_batch will convert model to iges,step, stl and some other formats but doesn't take a model and break it out into instances. It also looks like it with batch out nc seq. files to ncl files which is pretty cool.
If I select a model with instances, pro_batch is jsut showing the generic name, not sure what will come out, sneaky feeling that if I iges that out it will just be the generic, but will try and see
I have been using pro_batch to covert the drawing files to dxf format, so far it has worked fine.
So far I haven't found any 3rd party apps. to create all drawings from the generic. I did find one to create all models from the generic and I guess if I did that I could use pro_batch to create iges or step instead of dxf which would be fine, but certainly will chew up a good deal more file space... x number of models and x number of iges/step files vs 1 model and x number of dxf files.
Also found this brought up before and the suggestion was to create a trail file and edit it but that will involve as much keystroking and mousing as the other method. Another suggestion was add model to drawing instead of replace , but then you are faced with having to export the sheets, it works out about the same as replacing does have a little better mapkeying ability and you can put a few on a sheet, cut it down some.
I'm going to get this down to something easy some how or another :-) Thanks....I'll let you know what I come up with
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Solution; Use Word Vba to grab info and write the ever changing mapkey or trail file if you prefer. 600+ drawings in ten minutes unattended :-)
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