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i have a model with different configurations say angle of a flare changes from 5 to 20 degs. i have created different files for different configurations.is it possible to create a single drwing with all dimensions for a basic configuration and change the model file as required and saving them seprately, without creating seprate drawings for each and every config

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A perfect application to use "alternate position views". Insert your first view in the drawing, then you can insert multiple alternate position views of the other configurations. These will show up as phantom overlays that can be dimensioned to each other. If you change any config, the change will reflect in the drawing. I use it to show various degrees of movement in mechanisms all the time.

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I think so, but I'm not completely clear on what you have and want.

You say "I have created different files for different configurations". Does that mean that you originally created one model with different configurations and then saved each configuration as a different model file? If that is what you did, it will be a little more work to get what you want. The following applies to SW2004 and earlier versions. I'm not sure if things have changed in SW05 or 06 as I have hardly used them. There might very well be an easier way to do it in the older versions as well.

Create a drawing from one of the files. Wherever possible, use "Insert model item" to place model dimensions in the drawing, rather than using driven dimensions produced in the drawing. (Dimensions created in the drawing tend to go dangling and can't be reattached.) Save the drawing and close it. Now open the drawing file, but in the open screen, after selecting the file, click "References". In the "Edit Referenced File Locations" box, click on the little box next to the file location under "New pathname". Now do a slow double click on the pathname, highlight it all and hit control c. Click "Replace". In the "Replace" box, select the "Find what" field and hit control v. Do the same in the "Replace with" field and then edit the file name to one of your other files. Click OK to get back to the "Open" box and open the file. Check your drawing and make any corrections needed. Repeat the process till you have drawings for all of your files.

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