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We have a tool that export DXFs to our CAM system (sheet metal)

It was developed by an outside company, and worked well (on SW2001+, SW2004).

Installing it on machines with SW2006, we started having this error message (translated from French):

"Impossible to load the control 'usercontrol1' from gauge.ocx. Your version of gauge.ocx could be obsolete. Check that you use the version of the control supplied with your application"

We (our IT guy did) loaded VB6 on that same machine, fixed the change in Swconst.bas, and (maybe) a few others. Created a new setup.

This new setup would not show this error on this machine, but would not see any Swdoc. . This last setup would show the 'Gauge.ocx 'error on another machine. Dammit! We will have to have it fixed by the people that did it. But big schedule (and cash) problem.

Ok, uninstall VB6, show the colleague next door the problem: Blam! NOW everything works.

But it works only if VB6 is installed and uninstalled on the machine.

Any ideas?

a.. How to solve the problem the 'clean' way? b.. Or the 'dirty' way, without having to install/ uninstalled VB6, kind of creating a *.reg file and installing a few *.dll? Thanks for reading so far, and for your help.


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Jean Marc
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Found: missing comctl32.ocx

Regards JM

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Jean Marc

comctl32.ocx can be a problem child at times. It's caused me plenty of headaches.

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