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I am writing a program in VBA (excel) to control FEMAP to create geometry, mesh the geometry and run a simple analysis of said structure. I have saved a property in the FEMAP properties library and need to call this into the model, however I always get an error telling me the property does not exist. The code I am using is given below followed by some of my thoughts on the problem, if anyone knows what I've missed out, or another way to solve this problem that would be fantastic.

Dim pr As Object Set pr = femap.feprop()

pr.Type = 5 'The property is a Beam, this line specifies the property type pr.getlibrary (3) 'The property is the 4th in the list, ID's start at 0 pr.Put (pr.NextEmptyID)

The problem relates to specifying the property type. In order to retrive an object from the library the correct property type must be selected, this is what I am trying to do with pr.type = 5, but this doesn't seem to be enough, is there activate the property type?

The code works fine if I have previously gone into FEMAP and manually selected the Beam property type.

I sense this isn't the clearest writen problem so if people need more information, please just demand it, any help would be appreciated, this is driving me nuts!

PS. I am not using the FEMAP API directly as the raw data for the model is in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet (incase anyone was wondering)

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