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I am trying to figure out the syntax for checking to see if a file has been throught the Set Document Property process or not. I do not need to change the property, just to find out if the part is a library part (property state NO) or just a regular one.

(The application is available at C:\Program Files\SolidWorks\Toolbox \data utilities\sldsetdocprop.exe)

I can't figure out the syntax at all. Are the following commands the ones that will do this? SwDMDocument::ToolboxPart / swDmNotAToolboxPart / swDmToolboxStandardPart / swDmToolboxCopiedPart

Any help or direction will be greately appreciated. Thank you, Vlad

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A slight correction - The property state is YES when the part is changed to a toolbox part. It is NO when it is converted back to a regular part.

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