how to get Component Description from API... please help

Please, please, please, point me in the right direction.
I have tried the help documents and online resources to no avail -
(did you know the word "description" is in almost every help
document?). Does anyone know either implicitly or theoretically how to
retrieve a component's description?
- Right clicking on a component in the feature manager
- Select Component Properties
- Component Description is the value I am looking to lay my hands upon.
The following methods return " " (empty set) for all components I
loop thru:
CompDescr = ModDoc.CustomInfo2({variable for current configuration},
CompDescr = ModDoc.CustomInfo2("", "DESCRIPTION")
ModDoc = Component2.GetModelDoc() And
Component2 initially is RootComponent, but recursively loops through
all child components
Greatly appreciated,
Derek Ciula
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Derek Ciula
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The ModDoc object as you define it no longer has any component properties; it is only the part (or assembly) without context.
Custom property names are cASE sENSITIVE.
Also of interest: ModelDoc2::SummaryInfo AssemblyDoc::FeatureByName (try getting component as a feature object) Feature::Description
from help: Component descriptions appear only if you selected Description in Custom property used as custom description in the General system options. You can select a different item for Custom property used as custom description, but you must set a value for that custom property on the Custom tab of the Summary Information dialog box.
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I don't suppose you could tell me how to define an Object that would retain component properties?
But thanks for info, This will at least give me a few more leads to dig around in.
I can get Model Document Path, which is the field directly below, the Component Property(what i'm looking for)
with the following code: ModDoc.GetPathName
would it be overly hopeful that there's a ModDoc.GetDescription ? or something similar? Thanks, Derek
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Derek Ciula
The buck stops with case sensitive config types... I changed DESCRIPTION to Description and everything what happy.
Thank you very much Mr70's I don't suppose you live in WI? I'll send you a christmas present for your help.
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Derek Ciula
Lived in WI most of my life. there's a reason "That 70's Show" is set in Wisconsin: the 70's never really left!
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