API - how to get ShowChildComponentsInBOM

I have made a VBA program that lists properties for SW-files. I would also
like to show the value of the check-box "don't show child component in BOM
when used as a sub-assembly"
I use the following code
Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
Dim Model As ModelDoc2
Dim numConfigs As Long
Dim Names As Variant
Set swApp = CreateObject("sldWorks.application")
Set Model = swApp.OpenDoc6(path & filename, swDocASSEMBLY,
swOpenDocOptions_Silent, "", lngErrors, lngWarnings)
numConfigs = Model.GetConfigurationCount()
Names = Model.GetConfigurationNames()
For i = 0 To (numConfigs - 1)
MsgBox ("Config #" + Str(i) + " is: " + Names(i))
This lists the names of the different configurations - but I cant figure out
how to access the field "ShowChildComponentsInBOM" I looked at API help -
but it doesn't really help me on this one - so a specific example would be
Any help?
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use Configuration::ShowChildComponentsInBOM you must first obtain the configuration object through a call to ModelDoc2::GetConfigurationByName clear enough ?
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Got it - it works. Thanks.
Can I address the different configurations without using the name? Can I just step through them with like GetNextConfiguration...?
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as you can see, the APIs to access the properties require the config names. There is a Configuration::Name method to obtain the name of a config. If you want to go trhough all configs, then ModelDoc2::GetConfigurationNames is the one. My 2 cents if you want to do some serious API development : spend a few hours reading ALL the apihelp. You can't memorize everything, but you'll remember what's in and what's not.
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Ive also found, if you're using early binding, that doing a search thru the object browser will turn up 'partial' hits for commands better than the search in the help.
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