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hello lads ,

just wondering could you tell me when the log sheet comes out in the magazine or also -if you order a back issue that says it comes with one ,do you still get one? thanks a million , john

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john dungan
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Have you sent off for the info about your engine from David Edgington yet John, to put on your log sheet? If so could you give me his address, as I need to do the same.

Sorry I couldn't answer your question.

Regards Chris

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Chris Crocker - White

John, Give it a go and create your own on Word or a Publishing package, then you will have done the whole thing. :-))

Martin P

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I agree, a homemade one is often better, particularly as you aren't limited to one page of A4, you can also include some as-found or in-resto pictures, or even a copy of some contemporary literature, and a comment as I do nowadays encouraging people to ask questions if they want to know anything. I'll send you an example of one of mine off-list.

I'm not decrying the SE log sheet (it is at least an encouragement for owners to at least display a minimum of info about their exhibit) it's just that it is so easy now most of us are computerised to go that bit further and try to make the display that bit more interesting.



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Dan Howden

chris , mr.edgington's address is ,

david edgington, lodge wood farm, hawkeridge, westbury, wiltshire, ba13 4la .

all the best , john

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john dungan

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For my two penn'orth, the SE Magazine "log sheets" do more harm than good by encouraging a minimum of information. I agree with the others, make one of your own that is not so much taken up with a logo.

I exhibit fairly modern (WW2) generator engines that - if not ten a penny are certainly seven for sixpence! There are a lot more interesting engines than mine to look at in a line up. However, I pin an information sheet to a four foot stick and bang it into the ground at the fence line. Passers by will almost always stop to read it and frequently pick up one of my photocopied sheets off the picnic table alongside. They might remember when they get home that they have something interesting in the garage and then they have my contact details to hand ;o))

A lot of the people who are interested in our engines are older folk who will find it difficult to crouch down to read the notice placed on the engine bedplate or leaning against a wheel.

I've sent you a mail off list attaching an example,created in MS Word.


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

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