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Group Members, I just installed the Trial Version of Wildfire on my computer. It runs Windows 2000 and does not have a network card installed. I use a dial-up connection as well. The ?NO_HOSTID' displayed on the install and also in the field on the registration page for the license file. I used the "ipconfig/all" to find the proper information and obtained the license. I could not proceed further without the information. When I tried to run the software a warning box appeared stating that the host id did not match what was in the license file, I was offline at the time. I connected to my ISP and reran "ipconfig/all" again and the same address was given. Wildfire still would not run when I was online. Now for the questions:

  1. Does a network card need to be in the machine?
  2. I read before in this forum about changing the Loopback Adapter. Could this be accomplished without a card?
  3. If so, how?
  4. If I install a network card will I lose any time from the 60 day trial period if I reregister the software?

TIA Greg Albert

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Greg Albert
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Dear Greg,

The hardware configuration notes for the Trial CD state that you must have a network card installed. The 60 day trial starts from when you registered with PTC. What I don't understand is how you managed to register without giving a MAC address (physical address of the network card), unless you gave the MAC address of your ISP's network adapter, perhaps? I don't think you are able to re-cut the Trial licence, but you might be able to re-register when you get a network card. (You might need to get a new trial version CD, however).


Rod Giles Pro/Mechanica Users Group UK

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Rod Giles

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