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Hello! im from croatia, and i get one week ago a new solidworks 2005. unfortunatelly, it is pirat version, and i have problem with instalation. this is what i did:

  1. make deinstalation of solid works2004!
  2. clean registry from solid files!
  3. restart my computer!
  4. disable norton!
  5. start instalation solid works 2005. i choose solid works OFFICE software asked me for serial number, and i wrote: 9040 0329 8146 3956 from 3th cd (folder crack).
  6. when instalation finished, software connect me to internet, what i canceled or disabled.
  7. than i copy sw-d.lic file (from 3th cd) to folder c:/program files/solidworks where sw established. then i install license manager (from first cd), where i add file: sw_d.lic, and after thet i try to start software, but didnt work.

so i download another crack from internet, where i got new serial number and new license file with new procedure as follow:

SolidWorks 2005 NetWork License (C) SolidWorks INSTALL NOTES:

  1. unrar "SolidWorks_2005_SNLM.rar" to C:\flexlm, then run "C:\flexlm\SolidWorks SolidNetWork License Manager\utils\Shortcut of swlmwiz.exe" Next->OK->Cancel->Next->finish.The license server auto start.

  1. Then install SolidWorks 2005, when asked for initial SN(password), use this: 8818 8888 8888 7637

  2. After install sw2005 but, didnt work!! when i start program, i get massage: COULD NOT OBTAIN LICENSE FOR SOLIDWORKS! LICENSE SERVER DOES NOT SUPPORT FEATURE (-18, 147, 0)!

so you are my last chance, please help! Rapa

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Hrvoje Rapic
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This is too funny...Installation problems with a bootleg copy of SW. I hope this is someone's idea of a joke, or it's real sad. :)

E-mail Solidworks with your problem...I'm sure they'd be helpful...


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Scott MacIntyre

Scott - your right

Thankgod there is at least some justice in this world - it would just be too much if there were NO installation problems with bootleg versions of sw2005.

However ity is very annoying as I assume that there are no bugs in the bootleg versions, because very few people seem to ask about problems with bootleg versions !! :-)


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If this NG is your last hope then I suggest you are really at the end of the line.

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Phil Evans

If we knew who you got the crack from we might be able to help.

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Hello! SW install works fine for me keep trying, make sure though that you have a frypan handy. this will be useful to hit yourself above the earhole when you realise you are such a clod. this approach has the advantage that you will get all your frustration with SW 05 over in one go rather than at each sp release. hope this helps neil

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Better yet try formating C:. If that does not work buy a new computer.


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