changing the SW 2008 serial number

We have 3 seats of SolidWorks, two seats were installed and the 3rd seat was
still at SW 2006 running on W2K. While I was at Solidworks World last week
out IT guy decided to do the upgrade of the operating system and SolidWorks.
He had lost the paper I have him with the serial numbers for each seat so he
just used the one that I had written in the DVD case which was the same one
I used on my machine. He did not activate the license yet. What is the
method of changing the serial number of this seat to the correct one?
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"WormSign" a écrit dans le message de news: VAjnj.5178
USed to be: Regedit
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Security] "Serial Number"="xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx"
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Jean Marc
Control Panel
Add and Remove Programs
The setup interface will start. Eventually, it will prompt for the license number.
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I did the registry edit but now when trying to activate this license I get:
Activation Transaction Failed: Activation count exceeded Either transfer a license from another computer and retry or call your reseller (3/0)
Now as I mentioned we have 3 licenses of Solidworks, only two serial numbers have been used. One of the 2 used serial numbers serves my desktop at work and my laptop. Would that be causing the problem? I've never been asked to tranfer a license from the desktop to the laptop or vice versa. I've left two messages at my reseller's tech support with no call backs yet so I'm turning to you guys..
And on the same subject...the new install defaults to metric units, where do you change this or is it just set by the template?
Thanks Wormsign
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You have just seen the activation nightmare that a few others have seen. it looks like you have reset the serial numbers (from your comments) but were denied activation. this is the PITA requirement. you will need to contact your VAR or SWx directly and have them dismiss the activation. this requires a signed note to SWx that VAR or SWx corp can generate. proper way to do this it to transfer license prior to rebuild, then rebuild computers, then activation will work. took SWx corp 2 days for this to happen on one of my serial numbers. iQ
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I see what you mean. It's been 24 hours now since the VAR's tech guy said he would take care of it!!
Thanks for the info to all who replied. Wormsign
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