kinda my mistake - wrong Serial No.

Well thanks to NT CAD CAM I seem to have sorted my installation woes. Just
for your reference, and this is my mistake really, but be careful with the
new serial number stuff. I'd not had to input the serial number for some
time, so when I was asked for it I logged into Solidworks site under the
my-products thing and taken what I assumed to be the Serial for my install.
We only have two seats here, and for some reason we'd both used the same
serial number - what's more we could both run SW with not too many problems.
The conflict was only flagged as SW Photoworks stopped working in 2006, but
was working fine in 2007.
Now I've got the serial numbers correct and I'm cooking on gas again!
Thanks to those who gave help and advice - watch the new serial number
malarky, they dont write it on the box anymore!
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