running 2006 and 2007 problems with photoworks license

Hey all,
OK, firstly thanks to those who've helped with my pgrade problems already. I
took the advice and cleaned everything off my machine and started a fresh;
registry clean, folders the works.
However, I still have a licensing issue with photoworks in SW2006 SP5. I
used the strange new serial number, as per the advice I was given, i.e the
longer one with the letters at the end, since when I tried to run SW2006 on
the old normal serial it said it couldn't access security device (dongle).
But my Photoworks asks me to register it when I start 2006 and and then it
says it cant find the licensing and fails to initiate the add-in component.
I'm thinking this is something to to with the way SW is handling the new
licensing proceedure in a dongle-less world - can anyone help me with this?
Should I try the old serial number with a clean SW2006 install?
Sw2007 seems to be running fine, photoworks an'all, although I've had some
CTD's when applying materials.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign
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Sorry my previous advice didn't work out for you. Before I realised activation worked with 2006, this is the way I had it working - can't guarantee that PW will work though cos I didn't test it.
1. Remove everything. 2. Install 2006 with old serial number & test all OK. 3. Install 2007 with new serial number. 4. Edit the following registry key and enter your old 16 digit serial number.
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SolidWorks\Security\Serial Number
Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign wrote:
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eek, surely it cant be right that we have to delve into the registry to keep things running!
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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign

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