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Hey all,

I've been having serious problems importing ProE files since installing SW2007. Can anyone verify that they can import an IGS exported from PRO correctly?



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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign
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I can from ProE 2001 with the surfaces option. SW should also be able to import a plain PRT file as well, so try saving a copy out, but don't use the 'analyze completely' option.

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yeah, I wasn't having trouble before, it's a recent thing:

Importing IGS (from Pro E) makes an empty assembly with a lot of empty parts.

Importing ProE Assembly using BREP or IGS (not analysis) does it's thing and then claims the name is invalid and there's nothing to see.

I have resorted to importing all the ProE parts individually using BREP and then making the assembly myself


Thanks for your tips though!


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Lee Bazalgette - factorydesign

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