ProE to SolidWorks file import

I am looking for users that have had experience bringing in ProE files
into SolidWorks (not Wildfire). I am interested to know if the files
come in cleanly and with parametrics. I am a sales rep for a
SolidWorks Reseller. We have not had much access to ProE files to try
this ourselves. If anyone is comfortable commenting on this for me, I
would appreciate it. Good or not so good comments welcome.
Thank you in advance.
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Well, I've done a few. You do get features, but there are some errors, and a lot of extra planes and strange constructions. GOTO
formatting link
and get a login to get access to their CAD models, which a non-wildfire Pro/E models.
I've not tried anything curvy or plastic.
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Dale Dunn
I have recently imported some ProE files and they seem to com in pretty clean.....there was few though which looked weired...but we tracked it down to be files once exported from SW as igs to ProE and now brought back again. One thing I miss is to have some kind of mates along with with the parts when I import an assy from ProE. I'm not sure about what You mean with far as I know none of the files had any incontext relations....and You can't open any ProE drawings in SW but You'll get the features in the parts. You can try to download files from
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...browse to cad files and i think You'll find a lot of ProE files to download and play with.
Krister L
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Krister L
So far, I have not had very good results importing a Pro-E file and trying to regenerate features. I get a lot of cherries.
I have done this though. If there are not that many cherries, I will import it a second time without features just so I can see what the model is supposed to look like properly. Then I may edit some of those cherries in the first import to make it correct. If there are a lot of cherries though.... forget it.
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Seth Renigar
work with alot of pro-e files and SW2005 does a pretty good job on them. They are complicated plastic parts with a flair towards industrial design/ consumer items. Yes you will get some features but i wouldnt count on all of them ever coming through, plus the more complicated the surface the more likely the feature will not show up on the tree except as a surface.
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Ditto, on whats been said already. Partial revolves tend to go the wrong direction. Lots & lots of constuction planes. Also, all the sketches are under-not defined at all. You have to try and figure out the design intent and recreate the relationships. Define the sketches first, from the bottom up, or you can end up with a real mess making a minor change early in the feature tree. Its a pain, but better than a dumb blob. If you would like a couple of simple Pro parts drop me a email, (remove the obvious)
Mike Eckstein
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Michael Eckstein

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