Running Multiple SW 2006

This is a practice I used on occasion on 2004 and 2005, and now 2006. What are your thoughts on running multiple SW on the one machhiene.

Rather than opening two assemblies in the one SW, you can open two solidworks. If one goes down the other is still running. With shared libraries there should not be much of a hit. anybody have anay comments ?

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I've only tried this a couple times and its good on a multiprocessor machine if you set one instance to use processor 0 and the other to processor 1. The only hiccups are you can't have the same file open in both sessions (one will be read-only) and it will only create a journal in the first session. Other things may crop up but its good if you are working on a single file and one has a long rebuild time.

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Why not?

This might cause quirky behaviour if Search External References is checked because the OS will change the search path to whaterver the last program was to save something.

If you are working on a large assembly and are short on memory you might take a hit too.

You might also cause some confusion to the registry if you save Keymappings or things like that.

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