PDMWorks corruption of files?

I'm running SolidWorks 2004 SP4 and have recently installed PDMWorks
SP4. We had a lot of data translated from Quicksilver to import in and
had numerous problems with the transferred info.
We are running windows 2000 server and Windows XP pro on machines and
are now having problems with toolbox parts being corrupted after
opening with PDMWorks, even after turning off PDMWorks. We also check
in and resolve assemblies only to find that we are asked again to do
so the next day, and find we can resolve an assembly on one machine,
which then crashes any other machine that tries to open it later.
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Paul Barron
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There may be multiple things going on here.
You might have your VAR take a look at your installation. PDMWorks isn't as plug-n-play as some might have you think.
For starters, have permissions been setup correctly on the vault?
How did you transfer the data from QuickSilver to the vault?
How have you configured Toolbox and PDMWorks to work with Toolbox?
I would also suggest posting your questions on the SW PDMWorks forum as that is the only one where someone from SW regularly answers questions.
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There maybe something strange going on here!
After I upgraded Solidworks and Pdmworks to SP3, I have had vault corruption. The files that are linked from other assemblies, are no longer linked to other assemblies.
This only happened to the assemblies that were created after SP3. but then on Friday, the older assemblies also suffered the same fate.
Each assembly (5 so far), have parts, that are linked to each assembly, but not to each other, even though they have the same name, same revisions, same modification times, in fact every detail is exactly the same.
I have also created a project, that I can not delete, there are no documents in it and I can not change any properties,because as soon as I click on the project, the box jumps back to the first project in the root folder.
I have now spent 2 weeks, getting every part and assembly out of Pdmworks and putting them in a more secure place, as I can not open a complete assembly, from Pdmworks. I have to open each part first and then the assembly to get a complete assembly.
I have spoken to my VAR, they have confirmed that there is a problem with my vault. They don't have a answer as yet, as they are still waiting for Solidworks USA to reply.
I am crossing my fingers and hoping that there is not too much damage to my assemblies.
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You need to be specific about your problems.
Do you have an example of the "numerous" problems with the transfered info?
What makes you believe the Toolbox files were "corrupted"? There are a million problems that you might have with Toolbox without requiring some previously undiscovered catastrophic problem with PDMWorks. I'd be willing to bet that you just have the missing configuration problem which is caused by bad Toolbox installation settings.
The only time I have seen anything get "corrupted" in PDMWorks was when someone tinkered with the vault, and that didn't include SW files, it was the vault itself.
If you post something specific, someone can help.
snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.co.uk (Paul Barron) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
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Seems that it wasn't PDMWorks, SolidWorks 4.0 was the culprit and 4.1 was rushed out overnight to cure it. Thanks anyway.
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Paul Barron

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