Install Question for Any Rebis Autoplant Users Out There

Hi Guys
I feel it's time to call a halt to our constant financial support of
We have Autoplant V2.something which will run indefinitely under Acad 2000i.
Now Bentley have taken over the Rebis software, it is locked to a time
limited license.
This stinks. Having paid £big bucks for the software initially from Rebis,
we effectively no longer own it (at least the later versions).
Even Microslop haven't sunk this far yet.
So I am considering cutting our losses, dropping the majority of modules and
retaining Acad 2000i on some machines to run the old version Autoplant V2.
We still have this installed on some old boxes and can hopefully transfer
the licenses.
As this was purchased from Rebis not Bentley, this should not breach any
subsequent Bentley agreements made on later versions of the software.
So - the questions:
WinXP SP2 operating system.......
Can we install Acad2000i alongside Acad2005/6/7 etc?
Will Autoplant V2.something run under 2000i with a parallel Acad 2005/6/7
Is Autoplant V2.something OK under Win XP?
Any likely problems with license transfer to XP boxes from NT?
Thanks in anticipation
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We are running AutoPlant 2.01 with AutoCAD 2000i on Windows XP machines without any problems. I have AutoCAD 2005 on the same machine. Not a hitch in the last year that I've been setup this way.
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Heya fellas, I run a bentley autoplant user support forum over at
formatting link
- there is loads of info there if your interested. Thanks!
Joel wrote:
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