*.p2m material libraries out there?

Hi, I'm looking for p2m file libraries in the subject of different precious gem stone materials, diamond material, and precious metal materials.

I'm trying to learn photworks and find it difficult to get along with the supplied materials (actually I never managed to get a long with any of those rendering packages, so you can guess I'm pretty frustrated from this). my task is a little difficult (at least to me): I need to render an jewellery assembly of a ring which is made of two parts: one made of polished gold the other one is made out of titanium. the gold one has a bezel in which there is a part made of a square diamond. the rendering should look like the ring is floating in the air (no background, and no shadows from the ring on its surroundings). the rendering should convey the reflections of the polished gold and the diamond together with the refraction and translucency which is appropriate to a diamond.

I would love to hear any advice from any of you guys including the photoworks gurus.

Thanks, Gil

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Gil Alsberg
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I've never had to render jewelry before. I've never even thought to give it shot. Unfortunately you won't find any .p2m libraries anywhere. They just don't exist.

The gold and titanium materials can be found as stock PhotoWorks materials. They may need some adjustments but you should be able to achieve good results.

As for the diamond material. This will be tough. You'd have to modify a stock PhotoWorks material (maybe glass?) and try to achieve the diamond look. I assume your model has all the facets cut on the diamond geometry already.

Having the ring appear floating with no shadows should be easy to set up.

I'm not sure any of this is of any help. I'd have to play with this one to give some really good advice.


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Rob Rodriguez

Lee, thanks for your detailed advice. and Rob - I will surely try one of your tutorials in order to get over this hurdle. thanks guys!


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Gil Alsberg

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