PDMWorks Troubleshooting...

We are running SW2005 SP2 with PDM Works and due to some letharg
problems with the PDMWorks Vault, our VAR has suggested that w
upgrade to SP04 and upgrade the PDMWorks server and client softwar
as well.
I'm curious if this could actually solve our issues, which are in n
particular order
1. Super slow check in. Assemblies are anywhere from 100 to 150
parts (with 1500 being rare and the average assembly size bein
around 350 parts)
2. Extended amounts of time between clicking on the vault tab and th
contents actually appearing
3. Extended amounts of time between choosing the vault in an 'Open
dialog box and having the contents appear
4. Multiple crashes with both the 'Solidworks has terminated due t
an unhandled error' and a new 'Solidworks cannot open the file
please call your retailer for more information' message occurin
while opening items out of the vault
Our IT Department claims that our throughput on the network is no
exceeding the overall bandwidth, and during these slow times wit
pdmworks response and/or check-in, our workstation cpu activity is 0
or slightly more
We plan to do the SP04 and PDMWorks upgrades on Wednesday but we ar
concerned (well, our IT guys are concerned) that these upgrades ma
cause more harm than good. Any emperical and/or narrative data o
this upgrade relative to SP02 would be very helpful
Jason Griffit
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It is funny how the standard answer is always to upgrade. This doesn't sound like a problem with the software. Tell us a littlle more about how the PDMWorks server is setup.
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These "may" help you. According to "standard" set-up, the vault should be accessed using the vault pc's network name, i.e. \\vaultpc\vault, but this has some major drawbacks. Firstly, slow access to the vault, mapping the vault improved my vault access, it may not work for you. Secondly, when using the conversion wizard to update the vault files to the latest service pack, the wizard needs a drive letter to find the vault folder, so the \\vaultpc\vault will not work.
Some other things that I have done, was to exclude the c:\windows\temp folder, the SW working folder, the SW temp folder, the SW data folder and also the vault it's self, (y:\vault, (mapped drive)), in the working, not the vault, pc's antivirus scan.
Good luck!
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What is the OS of the server? If it is windows 2003, then there is a solution. If not there are some other items that could be looked at before you upgrade.
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I'm currently having major issues with SP4.0
Crashing to desktop every time if "include drawings" is checked. I was continually having error 201 (something like revision already exists- when it couldn't) this has resolved itself by crashing to desktop instead. I have an SPR for the 201 error, I had to upload my files and Vault Meta data to SolidWorks, they were able to recreate the fault.
After these problems and the crap way Toolbox works (I'm a contractor and my clients get huge screws unless I copy parts to local folder). I'm at the point of considering to downgrade my SolidWorks Office Pro to SolidWorks office or just Vanilla SolidWorks. I will do without PDMWorks until SP5 then I'll pull the plug on PDMWorks if the problems are not resolved.
There are alternatives to PhotoWorks, Toolbox and PDMWorks. I'm currently looking at some of SolidWorks partner products to replace Toolbox. If anyone in the newsgroup is using an alternate please advise?
I would suggest you log on to the SolidWorks forum; PDMWorks is very well supported there, unlike all the rest of the bits that make up SolidWorks and SolidWorks office.
John Layne (believe it or not I actually like SolidWorks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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John Layne
Forgot to add other people seem to be having extreme delays checking in docs if they have toolbox part in them.
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John Layne
just set your toolbox to "always create copy" under TOOLBOX --> BROWSER CONFIGURATION that way you don't have to worry about sending assemblies out as it will not deal with configurations- Until we can merge two part files' configuration trees together or toolbox gets smarter & actually creates the config if it is missing just use the above mentioned setting to get around the issue.
Pdmworks PRO: pdmworks will be the easiest pdm software & has the shortest implementation time = less money. Con: limited in its functionality (only designed to get your files under control).
All others pdm systems PRO: much more power & flexibility CON: Higher implementation time & more training. longer implementation = more money.
But if I was asked to had to recommend another one it would be DBworks -- it is the best balance between power, price, & implementation time. Plus DBworks has a tool to convert the current pdmworks vault into a dbworks vault & a discount if you are upgrading from pdmworks.
Hope that helps.
"John Layne"
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Thanks for the reply, I do have toobox set to always create copy.
I'll look into DBworks.
John Layne
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John Layne

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