Major Bug in Pdmworks 2006?

Windows XP pro Solidworks 2006 Pdmworks 2006

1, Check-out a document into your local working folder.
  1. Go back to the vault and try to check-out the same document into the same folder.

The "get local copy" tick box , (when ticked), stops you getting the Vault version and reopens the local copy version.

Un-ticking the "get local copy" tick box, stops you opening the vault version by deselecting the item tick box in the listing!

Delete the document(s) from your working folder, to get the documents from your vault, you need to have the "get local copy" box ticked!!!!!


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Well, I think that you do not understand the theory behind PDM systems. The reason this behaves this way is to eliminate the need to overwrite files. If you check-out a file, then close it. Why would you need to check-out the file again? Just open the local copy, the only time you need to go back to the vault is if you check-in the file, someone else checks it out makes changes and checks it back in. Then you would need to get the latest version.

In the future please try to ask a general question before you cry "MAJOR BUG!", esspecially when this is not one.

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Firstly, if you had looked at the message heading, it was a question, not a statement. Secondly, the whole post was asking questions.

But to continue,

For an example, you have checked out an assembly and you make some changes to it. Solidworks promptly crashes and corrupts the local copy assembly, rare, but it happens!

"The reason this behaves this way is to eliminate the need to overwrite files."

With Pdmworks 2005, you were able to re-checkout the assembly and over-write the local copy assembly.

With Pdmworks 2006, you don't have that option, as the "get local copy" tick box has to be selected. Now as I understand it, "get local copy" means exactly that, the local working copy in your working folder. Now if I want the vault version, why do you still need to have "get local copy", selected to open the vault version?

The only safe way that I can see, is to delete every document in the working folder first, then you will be able to get the vault version. Then there is no local copy so that option is redundent.

So please explain this theory behind "get local copy" has to be selected, when you require the vault version, that I don't seem to understand.

Thank you

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Get local copy, does just that it gets a local copy of the file. So if you already have the file in your working folder and it is corrupt, you can check-out again and select "Get local copy". This will prompt you to overwrite the existing file.

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I'm not sure what to tell you about your crash. I would defintely use SolidWorks Rx to record it if you can and then report it to your VAR.

We haven't moved to PDMWorks 2006 or SolidWorks 2006 yet, but here is one thing you might want to try. In your vault settings there is an option called "Bind ownership to SolidWorks read-write / read-only access". This will automatically set documents in your local folder to read only unless you have ownership of that document. With this setting, PDMWorks seems to do a better job of deciding what it needs to pull out of the vault and what it doesn't if you already have copies in your local folder. I can't say for sure if this would help any with your problem, but since we turned this option on, alot of our check-in/check-out issues went away.

Hope this helps,

Ricky Jordan CSWP Dynetics, Inc.

pete wrote:

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Ricky Jordan

Thank you both, I have finally grasped the meaning of "get local copy" whilst in the check-out dialogue!

When working in the vault check-out dialogue box "get local copy" refers to the vault local copy, as in "local to the vault" and not the "local" copy stored in the "local" working copy folder.

This seems to be a bit confusing, I think it should say, "get vault copy" as the Solidworks file management book, states that "production files may be kept on a local drive", also the Solidworks Pdmworks book talks about "local view" showing the local drives and vault views, two entirely different views. this book also talks about "local work space" referring to the folders on the local drives.

Terminology at it's best, lol

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