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I am in the process of cleaning the data base in Pdmworks. In one
project there are some standard parts. Some of these standard parts are
link from the library and some are checked in the project itself. My
objective is to remove that checked in standard parts and create a link
for the standard parts to the standard part library. Some how I am not
able to do it as you cannot change project of a part from a project to
the standard part library. I tried another way of checking out all the
parts replacing the parts in the main assembly to the parts in the
standard library and checking them in. But it didn't work. Any solid
ways to do this stuff will be much appriciated.
Thanks in advance
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Kav, You can do this \"manually\": You need to check out the standard parts from the Vault then delete them from the Vault; then move the standard parts from your \"working\" to where the standard library parts are located; after that re-attach those standard parts to your assembly and check in your assembly. It takes some time, especially if you have those stadard parts used in more than one assy. Geonv
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When deleting stuff from PDMWorks, its a good idea to have a seperate project folder for "deleted stuff". Move the parts into this folder before deleting, that way, if you delete something by accident it is easy to find. PDMW creates a subfolder in the project folder of a part when it is deleted, and stores a copy for retrieval if needed. This can add extra space to the vault, and makes it difficult to locate deleted files. If you have a seperate project folder for deleting items it will make these problems much easier to manage.
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