Yacolt about PDMWorks again

I spent a couple of hours on this site and others looking int
SolidWorks and PDMWorks. Some love PDMWorks and others say it?s
flawed program. Wondering which is it? Others say SolidWorks isn?
that good for large or medium sized assemblies and even rebuild ca
take an hour.
I?m sure our vault is not set up as good as it could be. The tool bo
library is outside of the vault, like advised, but should the vaul
be on its own drive or the same drive as the library? The fastener
are SolidWorks files; some say they should be step files brought int
SolidWorks for minimum file size. Would that help
I?ll keep checking back in case someone might have any subjections
Thanks agai
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You really should take a look at DBWorks PDM, DBWorks does not have the traditional limitations typically associated with vaulted applications.
Instead of using a vault, DBWorks enforces a repository. The DBWorks repository offers plenty of flexibility as well as scalability.
Administrators with the appropriate authority can add and/or remove definitions used for the storage of physical files. This flexibility allows organizations to welcome structural changes when they happen while at the same time it also ensures data structure integrity. When a file is entered into DBWorks, it does not create or put a file anywhere unless the user wants it to. BDWorks is also design to handle tool box and configuration documents. With DBWorks being a database based system the searching and retrieving of information is considerably much faster.
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Thanks blah
Wish I had the pay grade to make that call
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PDMWorks is a decent product for the price. For an entry-level PDM, it works well, very easy to install and maintain, and doesn't crash the way I've become accustomed to other PDM apps crashing (like SmarTeam and Product Center).
I've done 30 some odd PDMWorks implementations, from rescuing poorly set up installations, to half-day installs to 5 day full-on PDMW Advanced Server / SolidWorks configurations. Toolbox is always a factor. There is almost always a way to get Toolbox to work acceptably with your PDM product.
Take a look at my website, (it's still under construction, so it's not complete yet). If you determine that you would like some professional assistance with PDMWorks, please contact me.
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Got to hand it to the company. They spent the money to buy a kille sever and had the IT guys spend two days setting all the files up Even overtime! Bugged the VAR to send faxes about every concern th drafting department had and until we have PDMWorks running at to speed. Completely amazing.
True we still have unresolved links to deal with but - if the past i any indication - that too will be soon be a distant memory. Tomorro will be a glorious day at work
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Yes!!!! I would love advice on PDMWorks since I will be working wit it. Today we have the basic set-up off and running. I?m told nex week we all get top of the line video cards. All that is left is t figure out the resolve links problem since the new drive has change all the old paths. Plus we were all leaving stuff everywhere
If anyone knows how to set the paths in the external links screen
would like to find out how to do that. Since the part file is th same name it would seem that the long name shouldn?t matter. Th program should be able to recognize the part file name even thoug the path has changed
Am I wrong? (Again?) Can?t I tell SolidWorks here is the part just
different way to the file
Can?t I tell SolidWorks here is the part ? now use this file
Dezignstuff - bookmarked your site
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