PDMWorks Toolbar Icons Grayed Out?

Hey all..

I'm having a problem with PDMWorks 2006 and I was hoping that someone could tell me what I was doing wrong.

I have PDMWorks 2006 client/server installed on the same machine as Solidworks 2006. I've logged in to PDMWorks fine and have added some files to the vault. I can check things out, but can't check things in because the PDMWorks toolbar icons for login/logout checkin, etc are all grayed out. I thought it was because I had the vault server on the same machine as Solidworks but I tried it from another machine and it had the same problem. Also when you have a file checked out and edited, the menu option under "File" called "Save and PDMWorks Checkin" is also grayed out. What's interesting is that when Solidworks runs, I type my password and it logs in just fine.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you,


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Nevermind, I'm a complete fool. I clicked the PDMWorks on the right side of the screen and the icons illuminated. heh. Everything works as expected. Yeah, yeah, I'm a tard. :-P

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