PDMWorks Check-in - File not the same as vault

Is this normal behavior (I suspect it is)?

We upgraded to SolidWorks 2004, upgraded the PDMWorks vault, and now each time we check in a part/assy/drawing we're getting the message that the file we are attempting to check-in seems to be different than the one in the vault. Not just a different rev", but a different file.


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Richard Doyle
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We just had the same error message the first Monday after daylight savings (we're still on SW2003). In our case, rebooting the PDM/Works vault server solved the problem. After rebooting, it took 15 minutes or so before we could access the vault. I assume it was rebuilding it's tree or something. Shandon

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We are experiencing that with referenced files even if we copy them out of the vault just previous to checking in. When checking in the referenced documents appear in RED. This is even true when SolidWorks says that the file in the vault and the local copy are equal (grey equal sign). The difference is that we are on 2003 SP5.

Richard Doyle wrote:

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I think that you have to restart the vault server to fix this problem. We got a notification from our reseller on this exact issue. Let me know if you are still seeing a problem with this.

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