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When use reporting in pdmworks. Quantity column not show number of part or file. it's balnk field. how can i do for show this field

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Ray, Quantity does not show up unless you specify both the configuration and the revision. Once you have done that, it will appear. It makes sense, because the quantities could be different values between revisions and configurations. Hope this helps

Rod Levin InFlow Technology, LLC

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I don't think it makes sense because it doesn't show qty even if there is only one Default config and one revision. If nothing else is selected, it should show for the last saved config and the current revision. PDMW overall is one of my favorite SW programs, but this has been one of those obstinate points of quirkiness that doesn't go away. It's also one of the ones that generates the most questions and funny looks from people. Kind of like drawings being shown upside down in the parent/child scheme.

I've sent in my enhancement requests. Anyone who thinks this should work differently should do the same.


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