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is it possible, using a VBA macro, to directly modify a .sdlprt file without
actually opening it? Is it possible using C# or C++?
We have a lot of modifications to do and opening each file slows down the
process quite a bit!
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Louis-Philippe Salin de l'Etoile
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The only thing you can modify without opening the file are Windows standard file properties, normally accessed by ModelDoc::SummaryInfo API. You can do this using "dsofile.dll" make a search on this.
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Philippe Guglielmetti
Your only other option is to have a session of SolidWorks running in the background making these changes, but it will still use system resources. It may speed up the process if the graphics don't need to be calculated, but i doubt it would be much. You could run it at night or over the weekend if no user interaction is needed.
SldWorks::Visible = False
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Corey Scheich

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