Malicious files?

Is there any need to worry about malicious SW Files. Or are there provisions within SW API to prevent this.

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Corey Scheich
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What do you mean by malicious ??

I had a file that flipped me off the other day... does that count ??? ;>)



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Mark Mossberg

it is theoretically possible to create viruses using the "Macro Feature" mechanism. AFAIK nobody did i yet. (I started, then stopped after notifying SW it was possible) If you look in apihelp.chm under "macro feature security" you'll see: swMacroFeatureSecurityCannotBeDeleted (this is my favourite...) swMacroFeatureSecurityNotEditable swMacroFeatureSecurityCannotBeSuppressed if you create a macro feature with those options and call Feature::SetUIState(swIsHiddenInFeatureMgr) you could invisibly run any code on the target PC every time the infected part is rebuild, the first thing being of course to copy the macro feature on all other opened documents... The only thing that makes this slightly less dangerous than Word macros is that the macro feature code itself must be in a separate file, it cannot reside in the SW model document itself (or at least I don't know how to do yet...)

Philippe Guglielmetti -

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Philippe Guglielmetti

... But macro features are always separate macro files, so SW documents have an external reference to the macro file. The macro file path is specified in the macro feature definition. The evil macro feature has no effect unless you copy the macro feature file to the desired location.

This reminds me of a swedish (or french/russian/afgan etc, choose the nationality you want to insult) manually operated virus spreading through mail:

Hello, this is a mail virus. Since we are not very good in programming, please help us by following these simple steps:

- Delete all your important files

- Send this mail to all people in your contact list Thank you!



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Heikki Leivo

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