Reference Component/Configuration in Assy equation?

Referencing Component/Configuration in Assy equations ...

Is this possible?

Can I have 2 configurations of a part file, with config-specific dimensions,loaded into an assembly as 2 different components, and drive that dimension in-context from the assembly? (And have each config have a different value ?)

Equations (as shown in the equation editor) reference only the part file name, but recording a macro references the actual component name. Since equations actually execute a mini vba program, I was wondering if there is a work-around?

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Equations can be turned on and off by configuration. I think you would need to use that to accomplish your goal.

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Dale Dunn

Yes they can, but there will be no way to control these equations from another assembly.

The short answer is that you can't specify configurations in the equation. This would be a great enhancement request though.

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Jeff Parker

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