Inter-Part Relations and Design Tables

I have a problem with making an equation relation between two parts. I have a part that is a configuration from a design table. It is a pipe template. One of the configurations was used as the background for a part. [I don't know if this has any bearing, but, in the assembly, I "Saved As" this part to the BOM file name convention.] I want to put a hole in this part that is the same size as the OD (target table value) of another, smaller, configuration. The structure of the equation is as follows: Part A: The first, larger diameter, configuration. Part B: The second, smaller diameter, configuration.



No matter how I structure the reference "" (this includes the configuration name), the equation always evaluates to the value of the last instance in the table. Even a value of '0' was attempted with the same result. Without the "", the equation cannot be processed, so I know the format is correct.

I ran across a post by dated Jun 9, 1:50 am, Global Variables in Assemblies, On comp.cad.solidworks that states: "Yes but you can only reference dimensions. You cannot reference equations or design table elements. At least not that I can figure out.)"

Is this a fact? Any help will always be appreciated.

TIA, Mark N. McAllister

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