print file *.pri in solidedge

in print dialog of solidedge the checkbox prit to file is checked and a file *.pri is created. How print this file?

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Loading thread data ... (Fr) wrote in news: sounds almost like a standard printer spool file (or whatever they're called) although they usually have the extension .PRN. Any Windows program can produce them--not just SolidEdge (whatever THAT is ;) ). The rest of this post will assume that this is in fact a spool file.

It's basically a disk image of the data that gets sent out over the parallel port to the printer. They are printer-specific so you won't be able to use them with a printer of a different model than what was selected when you created the file.

If the printer is local to your machine (i.e. plugged into your parallel port) you should be able to print it with the following command (from the command prompt):

copy /b whatever.pri lpt:

If it's a network printer you will either have to copy the file to that machine or else find a utility that can print .PRN files (they're out there according to past USENET messages--search

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for "print prn file").

However, be cautious with this advice. If it isn't a spool file then you will wind up printing reams of garbage. Be prepared to power down both the printer and the computer to recover.

Good luck

Joel Moore

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Joel Moore

Suggest you invest in an inexpensive .pdf writer (visit

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) and save your files as .PDF rather than a .pri file which is of little use to anyone, difficult to manage and not very 'portable'.

Because .PDF files are generated from Postscript, they are a 'true to print' file (with controllable resolution etc.) and have the added advan- tage of being viewable via Acrobat Reader.


PS: This is, by the way, the Solid WORKS Newsgroup ...

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R.H. (Rick) Mason

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