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Solidworks default behavior when printing a drawing file with multiple sheets is to print all the pages. In order to switch this, you must use the print dialog and select Pages radio set in the Print Range section of this dialog and choose the page(s) you want.

Am I the only person that finds this extreamly bothersome? All other Windows based programs make the default behavior the current page selected, with the option to print all via the Print dialog. (I am thinking primarily of MS Excel).

Does anyone know of a reg edit, or parameter to use with SW2004 that would change this behavior?

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Mike Stavropoulos snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net

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For me, Excel and Word default to print all, just like SWX.

Also, when printing a drawing, I almost always want all sheets, so I think the default to print all is preferred.

Perhaps this is some sort of printer or application setting that you can customize.

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"Mitso" a écrit dans le message de news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com...

I agree, Excel does print only the active sheet (as it is set here), and I'd like very much something more simple while working on one sheet to print only _this_ one. At least have a check in the print dialog box that tells "print active sheet", for when there is a lot of sheet in the drawing (to avoid to have to count to get the right one) Why not a RMB in the "text area" that says "Print this sheet"? Could be combined with multiple selections using the control key.

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Jean Marc BRUN

So now what, it seems we need to press SW for a "Print Active Sheet" check box, doesn't seem like too much to ask.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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