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I had a set of drawings I wanted to print, figured I'd use the Task Scheduler to make it easier. It didn't live up to it's promise, SWX2005sp02, printing to an HP1120C

The problem is that the printer does not show the same set of Paper Sizes under the Page Setup button as it does when printing directly from SWX.

Default settings for this printer call for 'Tabloid'-'Landscape'. When using the Task Scheduler neither 'Tabloid', nor any 'B-Size' sheet is listed as an option.

I have A4, A5, A6, B5, several envelopes, etc. showing when using T.S.

I have all those plus A3 and Super-B (13x19), and more listed under the same printers Page Setup when accessed thru SWX.

Any idea how to make this thing work?

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Maybe you want to look on the NG for batch printing macros written by users. I have the same problem with task manager.

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Are you using the standard driver that windows saddled you with. I've got one of these printers and had a few problems similar to this. I've discovered by accident that the HP 1220c drivers work better and give a more options including paper sizes. Where I'm contracting at present, they have a 1220c and I had to setup the printer on my computer to print. I was having a fiddle when back at home and went into XP's Printers & Faxes off start menu, right clicked on 1120c icon chose properties,Advanced tab. There should be a drop down there to the left of 'New Driver'. I just chose the already installed HP Deskjet 1220c from the already installed list and bingo. The thing prints alot faster and has more/same options that 1220c has.

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