Acrobat PDF on 2004 Task Scheduler

I need help with the 'print files' in the new Solidworks 2004 Task
Problem is when I set the printer to Acrobat distiller or Acrobat
PDFWriter it won't allow the default SWX file name when it saves the
it defaults to having you type the file name instead of using the SWX
file name. In order to do this you must be there when it runs. The
task scheduler is designed to run when you're away.
So is there a way for Acro distiller or PDFwriter to save
automatically when it prints?
sounds confusing but there must be a way to get around this.
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Navy Diver
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I found this same problem using a batch print program with 2003 and found it was only a problem when using Acrobat 5.0. I switched back to Acrobat 4.0 and it saves as the SolidWorks file name. I have not found a solution and have not tried Acrobat 6.0 yet. Dave H
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Dave H
Navy Diver quipped:
why not just do save-as?
you can save as PDF now!!
--nick e.
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Nick E.
right BUT in order to do 'save as' PDF you must be there.
this defeats the purpose of the task scheduler working while you're away?
unless I'm missing something. maybe a macro run in special program to do the save as; but how to run this or any macro for that matter?
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Navy Diver
Hi group,
Our product "ToolWorks PDF Writer" can automatically write a PDF-file every time you save or close your SolidWorks document. Then you always have up-to-date PDF-files of your SoildWorks Drawings.
You could also use ToolWorks PDF Writer together with some batch-printing software like Task Scheduler to print PDF's. ToolWorks PDF Writer can save a PDF-file silent, just using the same filename as the SolidWorks drawing.
Download a free 14-day trial from:
formatting link
Best regards Jess G. Frandsen
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Jess G. Frandsen

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