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Can someone confirm that when using the task scheduler to export a
solidworks drawing to a dxf file that the resulting geometry is not
true size, not 1:1 scale? I noticed that the user has the option to
pick the dxf version and the ability to pick a dxf mapping file but
not the ability to pick the option to export at 1:1 scale. This
opition is available when exporting manually through solidworks and I
assumed that since this option was not available that the option
setting inside solidworks would be used but that does not seem to be
working that way.
Also, I have asked this question before but solidworks never gives
me what I think is the right answer. Why would exporting at 1:1 scale
be an option anyway, you should always export at 1:1 scale so that the
resulting geometry is true size. I do remember that at one time
solidworks did not have the ability to export at 1:1 scale and they
added this option which is certainly better than nothing but I would
rather do away with the option and just have everything export at 1:1
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Sam, I've found that sometimes if I don't MANUALLY choose to go through Options (when exporting) the resulting DXF isn't necessarily 1:1 scale. And I mean even though the default is 1:1 in my Options. I call it a "bug", but SolidWorks Corp probably figures it's a "feature". When using the Task Scheduler you'd have to open up Options and choose OK every time you made an export to be certain that you're getting 1:1.
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TEXAN wrote:
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Yes, this happens, really discusting bug!
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