SolidWorks Task Scheduler

The task scheduler is very nice. Of course I wouldn't be posting here
if I didn't have a problem with it.
SolidWorks task scheduler uses an extra license if you are on the
SolidWorks Network License. This sort of makes sense but creates a
huge hassel if you want to do something during the working hours. If
you scheduled something to run and your are topped out for liscense's
your task will run but won't complete. The task scheduler does let
you know that it couldn't obtain a license which is nice. You think
they would have found a way to have the scheduler not need a license
to do what it needed.
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The task scheduler should use a seat of sw from the network otherwise it would be like SW giving away a free seat of SW. The task scheduler is the same thing as paying someone to sit down & do that task. In which case that person would actually need a seat of SW. Yes it would be nice if it did not use a seat, but I am like you & I totally understand why it would.
Are you noticing that the task scheduler will also close & reopen Solidworks for each & every file? On my end it seems to do this even if I leave sw running before the scheduled time. It will actually start another session of solidworks & close & open the solidworks app for every file. I think this is very inefficient. But it still has a benefit in automating tasks. However because of the above issue I only run the task scheduler at night. Which I think is actually how it is marketed as everything I have seen & read the they state that the user can automate tasks while the computer is not in use or running tasks at night. So I guess we got what they said.
Thanks, Steve Tietz
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Steve Tietz (renderman)
They do the same thing with their coversion tool. I think this is done because of a memory leak in the software and Windows itself. If you were scheduling a large task or converting a large amount of files your computer would sooner or later run out of memory. By shutting down SW it releases, well almost, all the memory that it was using.
, but I am like you & I totally understand why it would.
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We have one network license for floaters. I'll have to be careful to shut down SWBOEngine on those machines.
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