2004 Task Scheduler background activity

I've noticed interesting activity with the new Task Scheduler found in
SolidWorks 2004. It runs as a process called swBOEngine.exe that shows up
under Task Manager. Even if SolidWorks is not running or there are no tasks
scheduled it just sits there and creates and then deletes a file named
Swbo1.ldb about once every second. This file doesn't show up in explorer
but fills my Norton protected Recycle bin very quickly. I have also noticed
explorer flashing as if updating at this same rate at times. This flashing
stops when I stop the process from running. It also shows using 1-2% of CPU
time while running.
Dave H
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Dave H
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I'm thinking this may have something to do with the Beta testing I did. I've checked two other seats that never had the Beta installed and the process doesn't start on them until the Task Scheduler is run. There must be a left over registry setting that didn't get corrected when SP0 was installed. I cleaned all the normal registry settings before installing SP0 so it must lie elsewhere.
Dave H
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Dave H
To rid yourself of this mess, go to:
( C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup ) and remove SWBOengine.exe from your start-up group.
Ken B.
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Thanks Ken. That did it..
remove SWBOengine.exe from your start-up group.
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Dave H
Some more info...
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Mike Wilson
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Mike J. Wilson
Dave, don't forget to restart swBOengine.exe before you use the task scheduler or it won't work.
if you remove it from the start menu you'll have to restart it manually.
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Navy Diver

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