Does anybody actually use the Scheduler . . . could you explain how it actually helps you?

Does anybody have an example where you have actually used the task scheduler to:

Update Files - Rebuilds specified files. Update Associated Files - Rebuilds the specified file, plus any associated files located in specified folders. Print Files - Prints specified files using default document printer settings or selected options. Import Files - Imports STEP or IGES files and saves them as SolidWorks documents. Export Files - Exports SolidWorks documents to another file format (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP AP203, or STEP AP214.) Update Custom Properties - Adds or modifies custom properties in the specified files. Create Drawings - Creates drawings for parts or assemblies, using the specified drawing document template. Convert to High Quality Views - Converts drawing views from Draft Quality to High Quality. Run Custom Task - Runs any application, using macros or command line arguments that you specify. Create eDrawings - Creates eDrawings, using selected export options. Update COSMOSWorks - Updates the COSMOSWorks? analysis in specified files.

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Bruce Nutter
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I am just starting to experiment with using it now. Alot of days I will create anywhere from 20-50 prints and they all need to be printed. Why waste my valuable work hours when I can set it up to print after I am on my way home. I have the girl in document comtrol just put them in a pile for me for the next day to put into my production book. Also , Corey helped me a bit with setting up a template to actually create a print from a solid part. Something that just takes valuable time. The more I get into this, the more I will utilize the task scheduler. But there is a learning curve just like anything else....Jake Barron

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I use it daily to update custom props and print a large number of files. Works pretty well. There are some changes I would like to see made but nothing major.

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Rob Rodriguez

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