New version of batch print and batch convert program PAC4SWX

New version of batch print and batch convert program PAC4SWX


I released the version 1.6.2 of my batch print and batchconvert tool PAC4SWX on 08/11/2003 with some new features. Detailed info and download at

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It is now possible to batch export all SolidWorks documents to the common standard formats from SolidWorks like eDrawings, PDF and JPEG. A preview for the selected documents is integrated for easy identification of documents. You can now suppress all warnings and error messages from SolidWorks. Combined with some unique features of PAC4SWX like automatic shutdown and restart of SolidWorks every XYZ documents or releasing the SolidWorks license after finishing its job it is very useful for processing large lists.

Main features:

  • Ready for SolidWorks 2004
  • Generate drawing lists to print or convert using an explorer-like interface or reading filenames to process from list
  • Generate lists by dragdrop from file manager (Explorer) and sorting
  • exports and converts 3D models to formats Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES, STL and VRML
  • Filter sheet for processing depending on their sheetnames.
  • Open drawings view-only (very useful for huge drawings)
  • Open drawings read-only
  • Preview selected SolidWorks document
  • Optional: Suppress all warnings and error dialogs from SolidWorks when batch converting
  • Optional: Close SolidWorks after processing list (useful to free the license of SolidWorks after an unattended job is completed)
  • Optional:Restart SolidWorks every ... drawings (useful to avoid memory overflow when processing huge lists of drawings)
  • Optional: ignores header and footer (useful with SolidWorks 2001Plus, i.e. if you generate prints or TIFF to archive and wont care if header/footer is set by a previous user of that drawing)
  • Ignores printer options saved with SolidWorks2001Plus and uses the user options from PAC4SWX so you
  • many userdefinable options for printing the various sheet formats, i.e. printer, sheetsize to print to, scale, line width etc.
  • Option to use active SolidWorks drawing instead of PAC list
  • complete user definied TIFF export options from within PAC4SWX
  • Option for generating TIFF based on sheet size
  • multiple user options for converting output of TIFF, DXF and DWG
  • save TIFF, DXF or DWG in folder of drawing or all in one folder
  • save Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, IGES, STL or VRML in folder of model or all in one folder
  • save eDrawings, PDF (if SolidWorks 2004 is installed) or JPEG from parts, assemblies and drawings in folder of document or all in one folder
  • save exported files in folder of model or all in one folder
  • save and read all settings from configuartion files
  • multi-language support, you may change the language of the user interface without the need to restart (german and english language-files are supported)
  • shareware which means you may test all functions for 30 days for FREE

You can download a free trial at

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hope you give it a try and find it useful.


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